7 Reasons Why Moms Should Start Their Own Side Hustle/Small Business


Create the Life You Want

As a teacher, I know the feeling of loving my job, but not loving the limited earning potential that my paycheck presents each month. Don’t get me wrong, I make enough money to be happy but who doesn’t want to have a little extra to go on vacation or save for a new house someday?

In many jobs, there is a cap for how much money a person can make. Why not start a side hustle to earn more? Who knows, that side hustle could turn into your full-time job someday. Regardless, here are seven reasons why moms should start a side hustle/small business.


1. Gain Financial Freedom

Debt haunts us like an unwanted presence in an old abandoned house. It looms over us creating unwanted stress and anxiety.

Saving money is a very important step in getting out of debt, but there’s one more piece that can help you even more. Make money!

By starting your own business whether you are a stay at home mom or have a full time job already, you can create more income for your family, in turn paying off debt faster and saving for the more fun things in life like college, vacations, and retirement.


2. Create a Lifestyle You Want

In an ideal world I would rarely set an alarm clock, live in a nice house with a big backyard, create my own schedule and take time off of work whenever my kids are sick or we want to take a family vacation.

Some jobs allow vacation time and that is wonderful! But you still have to request that time off and get it approved by your boss, right?

Imagine if you decided on a whim to go to the beach or the mountains for a long weekend. If you own your own business then you don’t have to ask anyone if it is ok to take the time off. Can you smell the freedom?


3. Call Your Own Shots

I’ve always been a little on the bossy side, but it wasn’t until I started my own business that I realized just how creative and resourceful I really am.

I love calling my own shots, making my own decisions, and knowing that the only person that can promote or fire me, is me! I am in control.


4. Help Others

So many women, especially mothers, have a heart for helping others. There are a variety of ways to help others, but imagine helping others while making a profit?

Sounds evil, right? Wrong! There is nothing wrong with helping others and in return helping yourself. We are all in the same boat. We have to make money to feed our families. Why not do that while making a difference in the world?

Some of the most successful businesses have a great cause. They help families save money, they protect our financial information, they teach us valuable things…the list goes on. Think about all of the things that you gladly pay for because they help you.

If you ask me, there is nothing more fulfilling that helping others. Making a profit comes second in the excitement equation. It is a bonus, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling you get when you help someone.


5. Use Your God-given Talents

We were all given a purpose when we arrived on this planet. Some people are more talented in certain areas than others.

Ask me to draw and you’ll get an ugly stick figure. Ask my good friend, Leah, to draw and you’ll be amazed at her talent.

What are you good at? What are your strengths? Now really try to think outside the box. What can you do with your strengths and talents to help others, make a difference, and make money while doing it? I guarantee that YOU have something amazing you can do.


6. Have Fun

Owning your own business/side hustle is fun! I can’t tell you how excited I get when I have a new subscriber or someone liked a post on my Facebook business page. Each and every sign of progress is fun and exciting to experience.

Owning a business is hard work but it is so fulfilling. It has lit a fire in me that I can only explain to you as the feeling you get when you are anticipating a trip to Walt Disney World! It is that exciting!


7. Leave a Legacy

What do you want to be remembered for? What impact are you going to leave on this world? What are you going to leave to the next generation? Knowledge? A well ran business that you can pass down to your children? Scholarship money? You name it!

I want to leave this earth having helped thousands of moms live a more happy and fulfilling life through starting their own business. Life is too short to stay stuck in a job that you dislike, trading hours for dollars, and missing your son’s baseball games.

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  1. Cole at SheMonster Media

    Hey! These are all really awesome reasons to start a side-hustle, and I’m sure each one has influenced my decision for sure!

    I started freelancing in 2013 and haven’t stopped! I feel like everyone should find a way to make money for themselves, even if they choose to have a full-time job elsewhere. If I didn’t have freelance writing, I wouldn’t be able to afford all the little extras in life.

    06 . 07 . 2017
    • menglund

      Thank you for your comment, Cole! I totally agree, it is hard to find extra money without some kind of side hustle. It is so fun to have something that you can take ownership of.

      19 . 07 . 2017
  2. Bobbi

    You make a great point! I especially like the thought of leaving a legacy and building something that will make a difference.

    19 . 07 . 2017
    • menglund

      Yes! I always tell my high school students to think about what kind of legacy they want to leave. Thank you for your comment, Bobbi.

      20 . 07 . 2017

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