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Four Steps to Find Your Why


Finding Your WHY

Before you start a business, the most crucial step is to find your why. What the heck does that mean? Well it is the reason behind what you are doing. It is what will keep your business together when it feels like everything is falling apart. It is the “thing” that excites you. It is the reason you are putting in all of this hard work in the first place. If you are going into business just to make money, then your journey will only take you so far. If you have a compelling reason beyond just making money, you will survive during tough times.

1. What is important to you? Is there a cause that tugs at your heart? Are you just trying to make enough money to send your kid to camp this summer? Did you go through something in your life and now have the calling to help others get through it too? Make a list of things that are important to you. Yes, money is important and it can be part of your why, but try to think beyond that as well.

2. What excites you?  The thought of being able to help so many working moms all over the world live a fulfilling life and possibly create a business doing what they love really gets my heart racing. Maybe you love to sew or create beautiful signs for home decor. Do you dream of being able to be your own boss? Do you dream of being able to stay at home with your kids while still contributing to the family income? Think about what it is about starting your own business that excites and breathes life into you.

3. When you become debt free, what will you do? The thought of vacation overwhelms me with happiness! Vacations allow you to escape reality, make memories, and bond with your family. Creating a business allows you to take time off if you want to without anyone’s permission but your own. Owning your own business allows you to have unlimited earning potential. There are so many exciting things about owning your own business.

4. Can you see yourself doing this for the long haul? What about your business will help you keep going strong even when you feel overwhelmed? Life happens, problems arise, we get tired but in business it is so important to be persistent. Your why should be strong enough to carry you through those hard times.

Finding your why is so important when it comes to succeeding in business. Be sure to think about this and write it down somewhere that you will see every day. Your why will carry you through.

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