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How to Deal With Negative Coworkers - Working MomTrepreneur

How to Deal With Negative Coworkers


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Dread Going to Work? Do You Deal With Negative Coworkers?

We’ve all been there. Dreading work because of that one person or situation that is making your life miserable. It is rare to find a job that you will not have to deal with coworkers. Sometimes it can be a blessing and other times it’s a curse. So how do you deal with that person or situation that is making your life miserable? Try these steps.

1. Stay Away From Office Gossip – Ask yourself how often you engage in office gossip. Can you remove yourself from it? If you are actively involved then it is going to be hard to get away from the negativity. 

2. Create a Negativity Free Zone for Your Office/Cubicle/Workspace/Classroom – Then stick to it! If your boss will allow it, you can even put up a sign that serves as a reminder that you will not allow negativity in your work space. Those that complain and make life miserable will realize that you will not take part in their shenanigans and move to the next victim. Try something like “Good Vibes Only.” (Click on the link to browse posters on Amazon.)

3. Control Your Thoughts –  I use to catch myself starting each day thinking about a situation that was upsetting. It made me anxious and I dreaded going to work even though I loved my job. I learned to catch myself when these thoughts emerged and stop them by thinking about something else. When you catch yourself thinking about a person or situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to actively change your thoughts to more important and positive things like that upcoming vacation to the beach or a funny moment you had with your child earlier in the week.

4. Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Gossiping About That Person – It doesn’t help the situation. If you have a concerning issue then you need to bring it to the attention of someone that can do something about it (AKA your boss.) Talking about it with other coworkers is considered gossip and will generally make things worse. If you need to vent, call up a friend (that you do not work with) or your mom (unless she works with you too.)

5. Surround Yourself With Positive Coworkers and Converse About Positive Things – Some of my greatest friendships have formed with people that I have worked with. They were uplifting and inspiring. Search for those people. The people that are genuine and can help you become a better person. 

If you have tried all of these things and are still dwelling on that person or situation, then maybe it is time to look for a job change. Sometimes what seemed like a curse at the time is really blessing. 


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