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Coffee – It’s a Love/Hate Relationship



Coffee…It’s a love/hate relationship…

I recently endured a month without coffee and surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad! Mind you I replaced my daily coffee with a daily Fizz Stick from Arbonne so I still got the boost I needed. Now I have this love/hate relationship with coffee. Here are some reasons why I love and hate the caffeinated beverage that so many people rely on.



Going a month without coffee made me realize that it wasn’t just about the caffeine, it was about the process. Here are the three reasons why I love coffee.


1. Routine – Every morning I go through the same process to get ready. Making a nice cup of coffee with my Keurig to take to work is part of that. I enjoy the process of carrying around my mug just as much a drinking the contents. (Is it just me? Am I weird?)


2. Awaken – As I walk around the classroom interacting with my students all while carrying around my Contigo coffee mug and sipping it slowly, I become more alive! I am a nicer person. I am more understanding and I am more excited. I get my best work done during or after my morning cup of coffee.


3. Play Nice – Back when I worked in an office setting at the local university, it was imperative that I had my coffee before carrying on any conversations with coworkers. I found the same to be true about most of my coworkers. Some of my best friends would be off limits until the caffeine kicked in. Meetings were always much more fun when the coffee was flowing.



After the month of giving up coffee, I realized that I CAN live without it. There are alternatives out there that actually make me feel better than coffee.


1. Anxiety – There are times when my anxiety level is heightened due to various factors. When I am already feeling anxious, I have to stay away from coffee. It makes it so much worse. I have also found that I can’t enjoy coffee in the afternoon. For some reason it makes me really anxious to have a cup later in the day.


2. CrashI often times experience a crash after a cup of coffee. I love the way it makes me feel for awhile. By afternoon, however, I get really tired. When I stopped drinking coffee and substituted with the Fizz Sticks by Arbonne, I felt energized all day. I could also have one in the morning and one in the afternoon without the anxiety.


3. Price – I usually brew my own coffee at home which saves a ton of money, but when I don’t it’s amazing how expensive a cup is at a coffee shop. I have a Keurig and I love it! I have saved a lot of money by brewing coffee at home and have made a habit of saying no to Starbucks (even though I love it.)


4. Pregnancy and Nursing – As many of you momma’s out there already know, coffee is something that doctors generally tell pregnant and nursing women to stay away from as much as possible. During my last pregnancy, the smell of coffee made me sick so it wasn’t hard for me to stay away from it. However, because I was a regular coffee drinker before I got pregnant, my body went through withdrawals which made the first trimester harder than it needed to be. Anything that my doctor tells me to stay away from while pregnant or nursing makes me wonder how good those things are for me in general, pregnant or not.

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