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5 Steps to Be a Happier Mom - Working MomTrepreneur

5 Steps to Be a Happier Mom


Be a Happier You!

To many of my readers, these steps may seem like common sense. But how many of us actually do them? My challenge to you is to make these things habits. Habits take 21 days to form, so for three weeks work on being a happier you.


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Moms

Don’t worry about what all of the other mom’s say and do. Just because Timmy’s mom made a home cooked meal every night for their family last week doesn’t make you a bad mom because you ate out three times. Just because Sally’s parents are taking their family to the Bahamas this summer and you won’t be leaving the city doesn’t make you a bad mom! Everyone has their own life to live, so stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start enjoying YOUR life!


2. Stop the Mom Guilt

We all feel guilty sometimes. The house is a mess. We haven’t done laundry in a week (or two). Our child isn’t up to speed in reading. Our husbands are feeling neglected. The list goes on.

Life will never be perfect. Instead of dwelling on what is not happening, be thankful for what is! You are probably missing out on so much by thinking about the negative things. The house will get picked up, the laundry will get done and you’ll make time to spend time with your hubs. Don’t worry, we are all in the same boat (even when you think someone else has it all together.)


3. Take Care of Yourself First

If momma isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! This saying is so true. As mothers, we need to take charge of our own lives. We need to take a step back regularly and do something for ourselves. Take a bubble bath, go on a walk, take a trip to Target, plan a girls night with friends. Most importantly make sure you are getting enough sleep and are eating healthy.

When you feel good and have energy, it is so much easier to take on all of the “mom tasks.” Chances are you will have more patience with your kids which translates in to happier and healthier kids.

So if you are that mom that feels guilty putting yourself first (even for a few minutes) then just think about how beneficial it is to your kids for you to be happy and healthy. I know my goal is to raise happy and healthy kids!


4. 18 Years, and Then What?!

I have a two year old daughter and I can’t even imagine her at 18. It seems so far away! But I also know that it will go by in a flash, and then what?! I’ve heard of moms dedicating their lives solely to their children and then when they leave home to pursue their own dreams, mom loses her identity and goes through a crisis.

I am not for a second saying that you shouldn’t put your kids first but you have to think about what is important to you too. What are you going to do when your kids are no longer living with you? Are you passionate about something? Do you work already and plan to immerse yourself more? Are you going to travel? Start thinking about it now so you can make plans to continue having a fulfilling life after your kids leave home.


5. Be a Good Role Model

Your kids look up to you even when you don’t think they do. My daughter is in the stage where she follows me around constantly and mimics my every action. I’ve learned to be calm, have patience, and not stress about the small things (even when I feel like I’m falling apart) because that is how I want her to deal with difficult situations in life. I want to set her up for success and I’ve realized that the best thing I can do is be a supportive, hardworking, fun loving wife and mom. I want her to be happy and that starts with my husband and I being happy.

You are doing a good job! Keep it up, and don’t be so hard on yourself, momma.

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